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Each year, Tim Hortons’ Smile Cookie campaign benefits charities and organizations across Canada. The campaign takes place for one week in October and the funds raised through the delicious chocolate chip cookies with fun icing smiles are donated to selected local charities and organizations.

For the past three years, Newmarket and Aurora Tim Hortons’ locations have donated their proceeds to Community Living Central York and our Happy Hearts campaign. The three year total for the amount of funds raised is close to $90,000! WOW! Everyone at Community Living Central York is grateful for Tim Hortons and our Newmarket/Aurora communities for this tremendous support.

Now, time to look back on the good times: 

Smile Cookie Campaign 2018

Smile Cookie Campaign 2017

Smile Cookie Campaign 2016


The past three years have been filled with lots of laughs, smiles, cookies and coffee and we cannot thank our supporters enough, every cookie made an impact! Again, thank you to Tim Hortons for the significant contribution to our campaign.  Next year, we will proudly buy cookies and enjoy eating them in our newly renovated home.

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