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Matthew Gray

“When Matthew was diagnosed with autism at age three, we worked with our doctor to get him into a preschool treatment program,” remembers Marilyn Gray. The programs that followed throughout elementary and high school helped Matthew learn to cope with his social challenges and cognitive delays.”

As Matthew approached graduation, his mother decided after months of research that the best place for him was Community Living Central York.

Today Matthew has found his place of peace in the Community Living art program. Here he is given the opportunity to explore and create, both of which are key ingredients for unlocking imagination and ambition. This is an environment where he is challenged to reach his potential on a daily basis, earning critical experience and skills along the way.

“Matthew would have sat at home and played on the computer all day if we’d let him,” says Marilyn. “Getting him out into the community to learn valuable skills has helped him improve and become better able to function and contribute to society.”

Today Matthew is preparing to move out of the Gray home and into a supportive living space, with the continued help of Community Living.

“The more he learns, the less support he’ll need as he grows older,” says Marilyn. “You can’t put a price on that.”

Something for Everyone

The comprehensive day programs at Community Living provide an unmatched level of support that unlocks each individual’s potential for growth and accomplishment.

These programs cater to many different interests, teach practical life skills, establish lifelong friendships and strengthen feelings of independence and self-worth.

With your help we will be able to create new programing and greatly enhance the Community Living Central York Day Services Program.



Stuart Parker

Stuart has thrived since his graduation out of the formal education system, thanks to the support of Community Living Central York.


Jenny Treeby

For Jenny, the offer of a spot in Community Living’s Day Services program was, quite literally, life saving.


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