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As we approach the end of our campaign, we look around and see the caring, hard working and dedicated individuals that have stepped up to help our cause. We have created a circle of champions. We want you to get to know one of our champions, Susan LaRosa, and why she has graciously chosen to help us.

Sue is a former Director of Education for the York Catholic District School Board, because of this she is very aware that individuals with developmental disabilities must leave the school system at the age of 21 and seek other programs. Unfortunately there are not enough programs to meet the need of those that require them. Presently in York Region there are more than 2,000 individuals on a wait list to receive such services that Community Living Central York provides. Sue found this number heartbreaking.

Sue joined the campaign after being asked by a leader in our community. “I must admit it didn’t take much convincing. I have throughout my career as an educator, been an advocate for individuals with exceptionalities.” After the first meeting she quickly realized she would be working with a dedicated group that were also advocates for the organization. After a rewarding career in education, Sue wanted to give back to her community and our campaign was the perfect opportunity.

We asked Sue why she thinks Community Living Central York is important to our community. “Community Living is crucial to our community. It enables talents to be developed and families to receive support. Our community and lives would be deprived of a segment of society that needs support to thrive and when they thrive our lives are enriched by their friendship, their talents and their competitive nature and most of all their “joy de vivre”. Her response is what has made her a pivotal team member.

Sue is passionate about fundraising for our Happy Hearts campaign. She strongly believes, “for those thinking of donating, come visit the new facility later this spring and enjoy the enthusiasm and desire to learn of the participants. You will witness, first hand, the value of your donation and the return on investment for society. Your donation is enabling the enhancement of talents, providing families with a place where their son or daughter can make friends and celebrate achievements.”

During her time with Community Living Central York, Sue has gotten to know and work with the people we support. A special memory she has is with Emily. Sue and Emily attended an event where they both spoke and were interviewed for an article. Emily shared her story and how Community Living Central York has supported her and her family while enabling her to proudly be a spokesperson. Sue was so honoured to see Emily in action as she spoke confidently to business men and women and local special athletes.

Emily and Sue!

Our newly renovated building is almost in sight we are extremely thankful for our campaign volunteers, like Sue. Together we have done more than just fund raise, we know we have made a friend for life!

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